Welcome to my homepage,

I am Riikka Aholammi and I live at Palus, Kullaa. My life with Golden Retrievers started n the year 1994 when I finally convinced my parents to get a dog. My first dog, Häämörin Niittykukka “Nella”, was a fulfillment of my dreams. Nella’s breeders are active breeders and they got me addicted to go on with this lovely breed. I have enjoyed this wonderful breed already 16 years.

As my occupation I am a nurse and I am working as an animal attendant in Satakunta Veterinary Station. I like my job very much and it has supported also my hobby many ways.


My biggest interests are dog shows and presenting of the dogs. I enjoy being in the ring and when I feel that I have found the common ground with the dog. With my first dog I competed also in obedience competitions but nowadays I think that the most important is the base of obedience and training for retrievers skills.

My work as a breeder has made progress little by little, year after year. FCI accepted my application of kennel name at July 1999. I breed litters every now and then at my home. I have litters rarely and thoughtfully. Every litter is thought carefully so that there is something important and significant to me. Each dog, bred by me, is momentous to me and all information of their life is welcomed and necessary. It is possible to call me whenever and whatever, how small and insignificant you think the issue is. Dogs are and will always be family members.

Hopefully you enjoy my pages!